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tonight, police officers suspended. after they took part in a movie that spoofed racial profiling. but nobody is laughing.
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>> temperatures fall. a cool weekend. what does that mean for next week? of course, thanksgiving. plus another movie massacre plot. authorities say he had the guns to do it and the show selected. but his mom saved the day. good evening, i am doreen gentzler. >> two police officers suspended, appeared in uniform in a youtube video that spoofed racial profiling of motorists. jackie benson in palmer park with more. jackie? >> reporter: both officers are african-american. they were offduty when they participated inhe video at the request of a local actor/comedian. it was supposed to be funny. but prince george's county police chief, mark mcgall was not amused. >> depicted a traffic stop, prince george's county police car, pulls up behind the vehicle. two individuals, both
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african-american men, dressed in uniforms, exit thecruiser, approach the vehicle, being driven by an african-american male. there is -- demeaning language, racial slurs. >> even the chief described the video using a popular phrase. >> i believe it was a spoof on driving while black, depicts officers and community in a terrible light and just unacceptable. >> officials say a county police cruiser is also seen in the video, the insignias on the vehicles and uniforms are blurred. head of the fraternal order of police, union that represents officers appeared by the chief's side. >> we're concerned about some of the content contained, inappropriate. shouldn't have taken place, shouldn't have occur. it does not however reflect the attitude or the demeanor of our members out here doing the job on a daily basis. >> charles brown chair of the police chief advisory council made up of community members.
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>> he doesn't waste time. a very fair person. he doesn't believe in letting anything fester. >> officers face punishment could include being fired. the video has been removed from youtube. reporting live, prince george's county headquarters, jackie benson, news 4. new explosions in israel. is rail escalated air strikes after two rockets fired from gaza landed just outside the capital of jerusalem today. israel is also known, amassing troops at the border. called up thousand of reservists ahead of potential ground invasion. prime minister netanyahu says the country is ready to take the next step if rocket fear does
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not stop. focus on capitol hill, remains on administration response to a 9/11 terrorist attack in benghazi libya. a closed door hearing with former cia director, david petraeus. jim? >> reporter: what general petraeus told lawmakers today has done little to clear up who knew what and when. what is clear is that initial accounts of a spontaneous uprising were quickly debunked. general petraeus said some in the cia immediately thought the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three others was the work of terrorists. he also said the white house withheld that information to avoid revealing the u.s. was on al qaeda's trail. that differs from what petraeus himself said three days after the attack. and from the so-called talking points that u.n. ambassador susan rice was reportedly using to answer questions as the administration's representative. >> she knew at that point in time that al qaeda was very l e
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likely responsiblen part or whole, in the death of ambassador stevens. >> she did entirely the responsible thing. >> now petraeus, said the decision to put out a different account of what happened was not political. he also said his personal scandal, the extra marital affair that led to his resignation last week had no impact on his handling of benghazi. how the cia missed threat to americans in benghazi, is still under investigation. jim and doreen, back to you. >> thank you, jim. d.c. school principal is home tonight after pleading not guilty to simple assault. her name is thelma jarrett. she was released from jail today. she is the principal at coolidge high school in the district. a former school employee claims jarrett and three other women attacked her, at a football game, this month. the victim says she was punched and kicked in the school's parking lot.
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jarrett is on leave now for the length of that investigation. >> we have an update on a triple shooting that landed two men and a woman in the hospital. police arrested 27-year-old christopher mcrae, and charged him with assault, with intent to kill. the shooting happened tuesday night at a bp station on bening road in northeast. police think shots were fired inside the convenience store and ran of. in just a couple hours, the new lanes will be open to traffic on the beltway. this is a live look at virginia's new beltway express lanes where crews are doing their final preparations. the stretch between the dallas toll road opens at 2:00 a.m. drivers promised speeds of 45 miles an hour. the ride fries foris free for c three or more people. everyone else will use an ez pass to pay a toll depending on how much traffic is on the road. >> this is a significant change
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on the beltway. the biggest traffic shift we have seen in the region since i-66 opened more then 30 years ago. >>,000 toll v toll violations w. you can go to nbc and search express lanes. >> chilly out there again tonight. doug, middle of november right? >> middle of november. temperatures continue to be below average. this is more like what you would expect in the early portion of december or mid december. 45 now in washington. 38 in hagerstown. already, 24 in elkins, west virginia. that shows you how cold the air mass has been. something we are looking at. cloud moved out of the region. now looking at clear skies. that is going to allow for cooler numbers tonight and should allow for some good shower watching. we'll talk about that coming uppen justup in just a minute. >> long time teacher at a local private school will spend the weekend in jail. he has been accused of sexually
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abusing students more than 40 years ago. tonight we have learned since police began their investigation a year ago, three more women have come forward. fairfax county police say a woman scla woman claims to have been molested by her school teacher 40 years ago. he is now 73. and was arrested to day. >> they are still -- working several other -- incidences that -- that merit additional investigation. >> master police officer, tells me, the woman ran into him last year at washington episcopal school where she saw him teaching children, prompting the cull to police. we contacted the school but got no response. however detectives say he had worked at washington episcopal since the investigation began. >> every victim of any crime can only express at the time when they are ready t discuss it. >> in the course of a year, three other alleged victims have
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come forward as well. >> 1965 to 1994 he was employed at the potomac school. we don't have any evidence to show from the 1980s to the present that anything has occurred. not saying it didn't hap pep. i'm saying we don't have any evidence of that. >> charged under fairfax's 1960s penal code. because there is no statute of limitations on felonies in fairfax, the amount of time that it took for the victims to come forward doesn't matter. in mclane, news 4. we are hearing key evidence in the bowie state university murder trial. the one that ended with a not guilty verdict for a former student alexis simpson. >> that was simpson's voice on a 911 call last year. the night she stabbed her roommate, dominique frasier. last night, a jury acquitted simpson on all seven charges, related to frasier's death. lawyers said simpson did it in
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self-defense after frasier and her friends attacked simpson. the outcome came as a surprise to man students we spoke with on campus. >> regardless of you know circumstances, she was still murdered. and someone should have to pay for that. >> beth families lost. it's not going to be a win. even if she did go to jail. >> simpson's testimony also key in the trial the she said cutting frasier was an accident. >> the shooting plot foiled in missouri. the man charged with first degree assault, making a terrorist threat, and armed criminal action. police say he admitted to planning to shoot up a movie theater over the weekend. they say he bought some guns and tickets to a sunday screening of the new "twilight" movie and had intent of shooting people inside the theater. investigators say, his mother tipped off police about those weapons. >> tonight witnesses revealing more details from the scene of a deadly train crash in midland,
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texas. a freight train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans and their families last night. four men who served in iraq and afghanistan were killed. 16 others were hurt. a witness says the crossing gates came down just second before the crash. one army sergeant pushed his wife out of the way, saving her life. he was killed. federal investigators arrived at the scene today. a team of inspectors is on the way to a deadly oil rig fire off the coast of louisiana. two workers are still missing. four others are being treated for critical burns. and the fire has been put out on the rig. a coast guard, officer on the scene, says tip doit does not l like oil is liking from the well. that makes the scene much different from deep water horizon explosion. that one, be came one of the world's worst disasters. the fire on this latest ns deint
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was started by a worker using a torch. a week ahead. black friday madness. bargain hunters are already camping out. >> little girl in virginia uses wisdom far beyond her years to help save a life. >>ened of end of an era, hostes
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lot of sadness over the shut
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down of hostess tonight. come of pane filed for bankruptcy today fighting a worker's strike that crippled its ability to maintain production. the closure means 18,000 jobs will be gone. hostess fans across the country wonder if it also means the future of twinkies will be lost as well. >> it is one of the nostalgic things they have been around for a good while. so, you buy them. >> buying it off the shelf. like crazy because they know it is not going to be around. >> twinnitwinkies may make a co back. >> the father of congressman jesse jackson jr., confirms his son is struggling with bipolar and depression. and also told nbc news that his son was recently released from the mayo clinic. congressman jackson on a medical leave of absence since back in june. he was re-elected earlier this month by a wide margin from the precinct in chicago.
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jackson is under investigation for alleged misuse of campaign fund. 911 operators say they're amazed by a 4-year-old girl in virginia, who saved her mother's life. her mother has a history of seizures. most recent one happened while she was at home in newport news with her daughter in september. her husband was at work. with her mom unconscious, it was up to jayla to call 911. >> my mom is having a seizure, so, i want to call you guys. i am 4. i call people. i need you to help me. >> she was calm as a cucumber. she did so good. she was very polite. she, listened to directions very well. >> she knew what to do because her parents had gone over it with her before. the only thi she struggled with was unlocking the front door for the paramedics. but, as you might expect she eventually fix yerd thgured tha.
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mom is fine. >> thanksgiving is six days away. some people are already, already in line for black friday. can you believe that? camping outside best buy in fort myers. one guy took the week off work to get in the line. campers say the savings are worth the wait and missing out on traditional family thanksgiving. >> a battle brewing between wal-mart and employees that could have an impact on black friday. wal-mart has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the united food and commercial workers international union. for six months workers appropriate tested outside wal-mart stores across the country. some employees plan to strike on black friday. the store's busiest shopping day. wal-mart says, it is taking action now, to stop the union from having an impact on customer service.
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comedian steven colbert went face to face with his double, nbc, today, he unveiled his -- >> to me! >> whoo! >> there you go. he unveiled his new wax figure today. colbert said, calling himself beautiful. wishing he could be a guest on his own show on comedy central. later fans lined up by the hundred for his book signing at politics and prose in northwest d.c. and he snubbed our tom sherwood. >> imagine that. >> how could anybody do that? >> unbelievable. >> matter of team before we see wax doug at the museum. >> if you are this big. off in the corner some where. >> mini. >>. [ laughter ] >> that would be cool. >> would be very cool. >> speak of cool.
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like the trandz isition. >> meteor showers tonight. >> if you will be out. taking the trash out. or night walking the dog. look up into the sky. talk about it in a second. yep. something else going up to night too. over toward reston town center. outen reston. the holiday decorations going up across the region today. continue to see more and more holiday decorations around. as we continue to get farther and farther into the season. >> for the regard today, high temperature of 55 degrees. low of around 42. continued chilly. yeah, advertised. 58. well below average today. about the same tomorrow. 45 degrees. wind out of the north. 9 miles an hour. wind chill of 40 degrees. that's still -- the warmest number on the map. 30 right now in manassas. 30 in gaithersburg. 28, frederick. 34, winchester. 36 fredericksburg. very cold numbers. going to be a cold start to your day tomorrow. don't worry about any rain. not going to see rain. things are all clear now and will be through the weekend.
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we did have cloud early this morning. those made their way out. we saw plenty of sunshine today. now seeing clear skies. we mentioned going to set the stage for what i think could be a great night for a meteor shower. 37 overnight in washington. 27 up toward frederick. we widen out here. those meteors will be coming down across the region. call them shooting stars, or meteors out there. between, hours of midnight and dawn. look out there right now. may see a come. face east. look up on average. could be 10 per hour. again the meteor showers. as the far as what we are going to see during the day tomorrow. i think we will continue on the cool conditions. high pressure dominates. we'll see more sunshine tomorrow. still, rather cool. sunday. the high moves off. see a few more cloud. an a little bit cooler. then watch what happens monday with the strong northeasterly flow. cloud move in from the ocean. monday could be a rather cloudy day. even cooler. many will stay in the upper 40s all day long monday. things will improve as we head toward the holiday. clear skies. chilly start to tomorrow
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morning. 26 to 37 degrees. tomorrow, afternoon. temperatures about where they were today. 51 to 55 degrees. under mostly sunny skies. should be a great day to get out and about. nice afternoon. wind. out of the northeast. 5, 10 miles an hour. next couple days. 53 sunday. 52. cool day monday. take a look at this. wednesday, thursday, friday. near 60 degrees. of course, for thanksgiving. so, not bad at all. for turkey day. >> sound wonderful. no storms. >> no. >> okay. >> thank you, doug. when we come back, more than two dozen cram themselves into a minicooper the you got to see this. >> in sports. a block party up in college
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>> twingkies going away, we'll talk about cup cakes now? >> or nonconference opponents. >> what? >> stay with us over there. >> and a number of folks call the terps opponent on the hardwood cup cakes. i had to look up, to see what they're called, liu, long island university, brooklyn, exactly what they're about, what they're called. so they have been to the big dance the last two years. not a complete gimme or cupcakes, terps didn't make it look easy. they did win big with big time performances. comcast center. speaking of big time. there is terps' men's soccer coach, first half. maryland up four. nick faust, turnover. liu the other way. freshman, charles mitchell says get that out of there. terps. turn the table. and double clutch. and in.
11:26 pm
2 of 15 points. and up 9 at the break. second half. terps now up 13. alex with one of his four blocks. keyshawn howard. in transition. back to the big man. two-handed jam. one with 18 points. and dialing long distance, all night. seth allen the freshman. he actually had the lead. cut to 8 points. drains one of the five threes there. allen with a team high, 19 points. maryland wins. 91-74 to improve 2-1 this season. no they were not a cup cake. redskins at 3-6. talking a lot about turning the season around this week. starting sunday. versus the eagles. their newly elected captain. quarterback. robert griffin iii wowed to come back from the biweek better than ever. a lot of pressure. no pressure no diamond. as the second half begins. griffin is still embracing the
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challenge. >> when you do get away for a week the i thought i was hungry before. before the bye week. you come back, you realize. you know just how much more energy you have. having that week off. getting away. not seeing guys. just know that, everybody is looking. you know at me new be the guy. to make everything work. >> lack that every day. -- like that every day. that's who he is. you see guys, a guy seems a lot hungrier. i almost seem like not a good thing to say. means he will turn something on. down a couple levels high. school playoff football in virginia. on board the helmet. westfield. chantilly. >> helmet-cam. >> chantilly's ross simms, two yard out. chargers tie at 7. bulldogs come right back. chris mullens looking downfield.
11:28 pm
burns. and he will come up with it. 36-yard catch. sets up the bulldogs td. 13-7. three second left in the half. richardson. plows in. yard out. westfield
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guinness world record day.
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28 lady cramming into one minicooper in london. 28. that's right. breaking the previous world record of 27 people jammed into a minicooper. took about 10 minutes for them all to cram in there. they
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente.
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kaiser permanente. thrive . >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. to

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